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Optimal solutions for the food industry

Cellulose ethers are used in the food industry as effective thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilizers and many other functions. HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose / Hypromellose), MC (Methyl Cellulose) and EC (Ethyl Cellulose) are permitted to be used as a food additive for use within the European Union and they can be added to foods, such as milk & cream products, condiments, jams, jelly, canned food, syrup for meals and drinks.

Headcel prevents moisture from being evaporated during cooking, which results in increased product yield and more preferable texture. It has also excellent surface activity, which helps to provide smooth texture and maintain stable suspension in dressings and marinades, not only cooled but also when heated.


Headcel can help to get low concentration, high hardness, low friability and good disintegration properties, production pressure when the machine is small, extending equipment life.


Headcel reduces oil pickup and enhances shape retention. Headcel acts as an excellent barrier for moisture, helping to keep the juicy texture.


Headcel is well suited for bakery glazes, icings and coatings due to its excellent film forming properties as well as the moisture retention and thickening properties. It also provides elasticity, decreases crystallation and improves freeze-thaw stability.


Headcel acts as a binder and thickener for modified foodstuffs, such as reformed potatoes, modified onion rings and vegetarian products. The result is a firm texture with good mouthfeel and good freeze-thaw stability. Headcel also reduces the oil pickup as well as blow out of the product during frying.


Headcel is used as a thickener and stabilizer in smoothies, instant cappuccinos, shakes and vitamin drinks. Headcel provides smooth texture and good mouthfeel and also works efficiently in acidic drinks.


Headcel is used as a thickener and stabilizer in whipped toppings (also non-dairy creams and low fat creams), ice creams, puddings etc. It increases air entrainment and gives a creamy and smooth texture. Headcel also improves freeze-thaw stability by preventing coagulation of the individual ice-crystals during freeze-thaw cycles


Headcel improves water retentivity of dough and final product, and it also helps to keep soft texture and extends shelf life. In gluten free bread, Headcel gives good loaf volume with a proper texture. Furthermore, example for doughnuts, Headcel reduces oil absorption and helps to maintain the structure. Headcel provides all these properties without stiff texture.

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