Head Solution S.L.

Valportillo II, 3, local 12 Polígono
industrial de Alcobendas 28108
Madrid (España)


Quality politics

Head Solutions S.L belongs to Mercados y Comercios Asiaticos S.L and Head Group, which is oriented to the import, export, marketing and distribution of vegetable and gelatin capsules, ingredients, excipients and additives for the food industry and construction.


The company assumes the commitment to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring maximum quality in all its marketing and distribution processes and to provide a safe and healthy environment and working conditions.


The pillars on which the company policy is based are:


Fully satisfy the needs and expectations of customers, eliminating the extra costs of lack of quality and meeting their requirements to increase satisfaction through continuous contact with them.


Continuous improvement and commitment to the company’s Quality Management.


Promote training and awareness of staff in aspects of Quality and distribution through information and training.


Prevent damage and deterioration of the health of workers in their workplace through communications and training.


Identify, communicate and comply with applicable legal or regulatory requirements, as well as those of the client and other requirements that the company considers.


Approve the necessary resources to guarantee compliance with the objectives, taking into account the requirements of the interested parties and evaluating their performance on a continuous basis.


This policy is communicated and understood by all the people who make up Head Solutions S.L and is available to the public and interested parties on the company’s website. This Policy will be reviewed periodically and will be updated whenever required.

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